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About Financial Aid

Learn strategies for financing your education, from finding scholarships to exploring loan forgiveness.

Cost-Saving Strategies

There are many opportunities to reduce or eliminate your preparation expenses.
  • Apply for scholarships and financial aid

    There are several scholarship opportunities for aspiring teachers in Connecticut. For example, the Roberta B. Willis Scholarship offers up to $5,250 if you’re in the top 20 percent of your high school class and/or scored above specific SAT/ACT thresholds. Whether you’re in high school, college or graduate school, there are many opportunities that you may be eligible for. See a list of featured scholarships in Connecticut.

  • Explore loan forgiveness programs

    If you teach in high-need schools or subjects like math, science, bilingual education or special education, the federal government and many states have created programs to forgive some or all of your student loans. For starters, check out Connecticut Student Loan Forgiveness Programs and the Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program.

    The Connecticut Higher Education Supplemental Loan Authority's Alliance District Teacher Loan Subsidy Program will also reduce loan interest for qualifying teachers who commit to working in one of Connecticut's 33 highest need school districts. Through this program, you can refinance up to $25,000 in private student loans and receive a 3% interest rate subsidy.

  • Start your undergraduate degree at a community college

    Have you considered starting your undergraduate studies at a community college? Community colleges offer transfer programs to larger universities, so you can start training at the community college and finish your degree at a larger university.

  • Earn a salary while completing your coursework

    If you have a bachelor’s degree, but haven’t completed an educator preparation program, some post-baccalaureate programs allow you to take coursework while you are teaching and/or working in the classroom.

  • Reduce your application costs

    TEACH Connecticut will reimburse up to $100 of your application expenses when you apply to a teaching program. That includes required costs like application fees, test registration fees, transcript fees and more! Get the details at our Fee Reimbursements page.

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