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Media Library

To download TV and radio spots for broadcast, visit PSA Connect. For closed captioned videos, see below.
Video: Our MissionPSA Connect

Media Library

To download TV and radio spots for broadcast, visit PSA Connect. For closed captioned videos, see below.
Video: Our MissionPSA Connect

Education is Our Responsibility

"The responsibility for educating a young person is not the student's responsibility alone, nor is it the job of the teacher alone, nor is it the obligation of the parents alone. It is a responsibility that belongs to all of us. Because we all reap the benefits when our citizens are well educated." —Dr. Jill Biden

The Future Depends On Teachers

In partnership with the nation’s State Departments of Education, we're excited to announce a new PSA campaign for our K-12 public schools. To download the TV and radio spots for broadcast, visit PSA Connect.

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Teachers are experiencing a hero moment right now. Despite the severe challenges that COVID-19 has thrust upon educators and our school system, we have an opportunity: Remote learning has shown how difficult it is to teach and has fostered a deeper appreciation for teachers among parents, students and the public. Teachers are heroes. They are essential workers. They are integral to our nation’s recovery. They are innovating to adapt to our new reality, and are crucial to developing the next generation, who will prepare for future health crises and achieve social justice in our world.

“The Future Depends on Teachers” celebrates the role teachers play in shaping our students and our future and invites people to join a career that leaves a legacy they can be proud of.

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TEACH Connecticut is the first statewide initiative of its kind in the nation. We are committed to supporting anyone considering teaching in Connecticut and building the strongest educator workforce possible to ensure all students have access to great teachers.

Recognizing that great teachers are critical for our children's life outcomes, several organizations formed TEACH to assist anyone who is considering becoming a teacher. TEACH Connecticut was made possible through a partnership between TEACH, the Connecticut State Department of Education (CDSE) and Connecticut schools, districts and educator preparation programs.

TEACH is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, launched by Microsoft and the U.S. Department of Education, and is supported by the nation’s top teacher associations.

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The Future Teacher’s One-Stop-Shop

TEACHConnecticut.org offers everything prospective teachers need to evaluate teaching and take steps toward becoming a teacher.

  • 1-on-1 expert advice from current CT teachers
  • How-to guides for applying to preparation programs 
  • Preparation program profiles and application checklists
  • Fee reimbursements and scholarships
  • Customized email and text reminders
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Press Releases & News

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  • Connecticut launches teacher recruitment effort

    The Connecticut State Department of Education is teaming up with a group called TEACH.org to attract a more diverse and talented teaching pool.

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  • Teacher discusses Connecticut Troops to Teachers program

    Lauren Danner, a TEACH Connecticut teacher ambassador, discusses Troops to Teachers on Good Morning Connecticut. Learn how service members and veterans receive assistance in transitioning their leadership, core values and acquired skills to a career in teaching.

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  • State To Partner With Nonprofit To Boost Diversity Of Teachers And Fill Shortages

    The state Department of Education is partnering with a nonprofit group to help address teacher shortages in certain subject areas and to boost the diversity of Connecticut’s teaching workforce.

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