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  1. Understand the Career

    What do teachers do?

    Each school and district in Connecticut is unique. With urban settings serving thousands of students, surrounding suburban districts and rural districts with just a few schools, there’s a community that's just right for you. Join talented colleagues, make your mark and get paid for it.

  2. See the Possibilities

    Do teachers have a good future?

    Connecticut needs teachers who represent the breadth of backgrounds, experiences and cultures of our students. There is a secure future for anyone working in the classroom here, especially in high-demand areas like STEM and bilingual education. Are you ready to empower students to navigate and thrive in a changing world? Get to know your future coworkers.

  3. Imagine Your Teacher-Self

    Am I a good fit for teaching?

    If you like a challenge and daily gratification that what you're doing matters, teaching could be your calling. You bring unique skills and personal history to any job you take—but leading a classroom takes full advantage of both. In this career, you'll work hard while building skills that set you up to succeed no matter where your professional life takes you.

  4. Choose Your Path

    How do I become an educator?

    There are many pathways to becoming an educator that you can take advantage of. From undergraduate to graduate and post-baccalaureate educator preparation programs, if you have the drive and skills to lead a classroom, you can find a way to become an educator. We break it down in just a few steps. Get started by checking out our overview.

  5. Get Certified to Teach

    What are the requirements for teacher certification?

    If the word “requirement” scares you, you’ll like our resource on understanding certification. Once you get to know which subject, specialty and grade level are for you, next steps just fall into place. Get a head start by getting to know certification in Connecticut.

  6. Explore School Districts

    How do I start my teaching career?

    Once you're certified to teach, you'll probably want a job. (Give a mouse a cookie...) Check out the nitty-gritty details about what working as a teacher here is like. Hear directly from your future colleagues and see what job openings might be up your alley."

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