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Returns for a Rewarding Career
Your impact in the classroom is an investment in your future—and in your students.
Returns for a Rewarding Career
Your impact in the classroom is an investment in your future—and in your students.

Teaching is more than a profession. It merges the sustainable salary and benefits of an office job with an enviable mission: to help shape the next generation.

With the freedom to lead a classroom, and the flexibility to live your personal life to the fullest, teachers have one of the most unique compensation packages around.

Not All Salaries Are Created Equal

Let’s address the elephant in the room: salary. It’s a critical part of choosing any career, and for teachers, it’s no different. While you’ve probably heard rumors about teacher pay, Connecticut has long led the country in offering competitive compensation for educators.

At over $72,000, Connecticut offers teachers the fifth highest average salary in the nation, according to the National Center on Education Statistics. That’s almost $14,000 higher than the national average! What does that mean? It means you can afford to live in Connecticut, buy a home and raise a family.

According to the Connecticut Department of Labor, of all jobs in Connecticut requiring a bachelor’s degree, teaching is ranked highly for the number of available opportunities—and its average salary is on par with many other occupations in that category.

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Benefits of a Sustainable Career

Teachers tend to get good benefits packages, too. Along with standard medical, dental and vision insurance provided by school districts, teachers participate in the Connecticut State Teachers Retirement System that allows teachers to retire at age 60 with 20 years of in-state service, or retire even earlier by meeting other criteria.

Teachers can supplement their salaries within their school communities to earn thousands more each year. 

Whether you’re interested in coaching athletics, producing a play, leading a club or activity, writing curriculum or mentoring new teachers, there are many ways to earn more while doing something you’re passionate about. 

For instance, in East Hartford, you can receive a $50,200 starting salary, serve as a Professional Development Coordinator for $5,700, and coach Cheerleading for $2,700, which evens out to $58,600.

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