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What You Get

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    Expert Advice

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    Lock in free 1-on-1 professional consultations over the phone with an expert. Tackle the questions you just can’t shake so you feel confident about your decisions. 

    Our experts will help you find the program that fits you best—from early exploration to detailed advice on passing tests, certification requirements and more.

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    Tips & How-To Guides

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    Put your best foot forward when applying to teacher preparation programs in Connecticut. Make sure your application stands out.

    Guides deliver best practices for each step along the way, from studying for admission exams to funding your education.

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    Fee Reimbursements

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    We know that applying to teacher preparation programs can add up. That’s why we offer up to $100 covered towards your application and testing expenses.

    Don’t let the fees hold you back from fulfilling your mission. Claim your reimbursements and make your way to the classroom.

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    Application Checklists

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    Start your own checklist to keep track of deadlines and best practices. 

    Explore and select the programs you’re interested in to personalize an action plan. Get reminders when you should make moves. If you’re stuck, pointers are just a tap away.

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    Financial Aid Opportunities

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    When you’re ready to pay for school, we make sure you have access to relevant grants, scholarships, student loans, loan forgiveness and work study. 

    Find the right way to cover your costs—with a little push from the experts. Plus, sign up for a $1,000 scholarship from TEACH Connecticut!