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Make History Teaching in Connecticut

Teachers in CT join an innovative, multicultural and intellectually rich community.

You might be familiar with Connecticut’s reputation as a small state in New England known for academic excellence. But you may not know that Connecticut offers the fifth-highest average teacher salary in the country ($78,000!), plus expansive teacher benefits, housing assistance, loan forgiveness and more (check out our Salary and Benefits page for additional info on this).

With strong support for educators, diverse communities and rich history, Connecticut is the best place to become a teacher. Changemakers, community-builders and explorers like it here.

The Difference You'll Make

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Teaching is the greatest opportunity to shape the trajectories of young people’s lives—and the future of our world. If it feels like the stakes are high, it’s because they are. And you have a chance to be the one who rises to the challenge.

In Connecticut, we need great teachers who:

In other words, when you teach here, you know that you’re making a difference.

Want to tackle the challenge?


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“Here, you can be a ‘big fish in a little pond,’ with opportunities to present at conferences, share ideas with the State Department of Education, and lead the charge for the direction of education.”

- Colleen Thompson, Music/Choir teacher, Simsbury Public Schools

The Legacy You'll Join

Why teach in Connecticut? You’ll be joining a legacy of excellence, innovation and strong community. And you’ll be shaping that legacy for the future.
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    Connecticut has consistently had among the highest student outcomes in the nation, and continues to build on its national reputation for making great strides each year to further improve these outcomes.

    Excellent student outcomes require excellent teachers—teachers who know that student success depends on culturally responsive schools. To give the best possible education to all students, we need teachers who support, honor and reflect our students’ racially, ethnically and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

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    Connecticut has long been at the forefront of innovation in education, from supporting teachers to developing curriculum. As a small state, Connecticut makes change happen quickly to meet the demands of a rapidly changing world. 

    • We have a nationally recognized teacher induction program to support early-career teachers and provide support to teachers throughout their career through high-quality, job-embedded mentoring and ongoing professional learning
    • We are the first state to require high schools to offer Black and Latino studies. Beginning in fall of 2022, all public high schools will offer elective courses in African-American, Black, Puerto Rican and Latino/a history. As a Connecticut teacher, you could help implement and shape authentic, inclusive U.S. history for all students.
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    As a Connecticut teacher, you’ll get to develop your leadership skills and have meaningful impact in Connecticut’s collaborative and supportive education community. 

    Passionate about social justice? You can make your voice heard and help build more culturally responsive, equitable, antiracist classrooms and communities. You’ll have greater reach and influence here because teachers are valued, appreciated and encouraged to be true changemakers.


“Multiculturalism is one of the things I love about living and teaching in Connecticut. There are students from all over the world with diverse languages and norms that enrich your experience as a teacher.”

- Yolanda Lee Gorishti, Science teacher, Waterbury Public Schools


More than just a pit stop between Boston & New York, Connecticut ranks among the highest in the nation for quality of life, commitment to the environment, and innovative economy.

An outdoor yoga class in Connecticut. Participants stand on their yoga mats on a sunny deck next to a river.

Connecticut is an exceptional place to launch your teaching career, but you don’t have to take our word for it. CTforMe is a website (and Instagram page!) where you can learn more about what makes the Constitution State so great. This state initiative highlights info on Connecticut’s high quality of life and top-notch education—plus a plethora of things to do and places to visit, including restaurants, museums and outdoor adventures.

Learn about inspiring change-makers shaping Connecticut’s future, like how music teacher Angelica Durrell makes music education more accessible, or how attorney Erick Russell supports other lawyers of color and LGBTQ+ lawyers. You’ll also find resources to help you find a home, search job boards and connect with other professionals.


Take Me to CTforMe

Still Not Sold?

In Connecticut, you’ll live in a place that has made history and touched almost every corner of American life. 

Did you know that Connecticut was the first to…

  • Adopt a constitution.
  • Establish representative government.
  • Elect a female governor.
  • Open an academy in New England for African-American women.
  • Have a municipal public library.
  • Grant a college degree to a Chinese American, and a doctorate diploma to an African American. 
  • Publish a dictionary. 
  • Have a law school.
  • Establish a public art museum.
  • Invent the artificial heart.
  • Plus: first helicopter, lollipop, hamburger and Polaroid.

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