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Make History Teaching in Connecticut
Teachers in CT join an innovative, multicultural and intellectually rich community.
Teachers in CT join an innovative, multicultural and intellectually rich community.

You’re probably familiar with Connecticut’s reputation as a small state in New England known for academic excellence. But you might not know why this is the best place to become a teacher.

Here’s a hint: Changemakers, community-builders and explorers like it here.

The Difference You'll Make

Middle school classroom with green walls.

Teaching is the greatest opportunity to shape the trajectories of young people’s lives—and the future of our world. If it feels like the stakes are high, it’s because they are. And you have a chance to be the one who rises to the challenge.

Middle school classroom with green walls.

In Connecticut, we need great teachers who:

In other words, when you teach here, you know that you’re making a difference. It doesn’t hurt that teachers in Connecticut also have the fifth highest average teacher salary in the nation, at over $72,000, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. Head over to Salary & Benefits to learn more.

How to tackle the challenge?

“Here, you can be a ‘big fish in a little pond,’ with opportunities to present at conferences, share ideas with the State Department of Education, and lead the charge for the direction of education.”

- Colleen Thompson, Music/Choir teacher, Simsbury Public Schools

The Legacy You'll Join

Why teach in Connecticut? There are lots of reasons! We've boiled it down to the top three:

“Multiculturalism is one of the things I love about living and teaching in Connecticut. There are students from all over the world with diverse languages and norms that enrich your experience as a teacher.”

- Yolanda Lee Gorishti, Science teacher, Waterbury Public Schools

The Lifestyle You'll Have

Not far from Boston or New York, teachers in Connecticut are part of a diverse, interconnected, culturally rich community with access to great museums, universities, theaters and more.

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