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Teaching requires you to be creative, innovative, collaborative and leverage your unique skills, background and passions every day.

Make Some Noise

Ryan injects the culture and methodology of DJing, B-boying/B-girling, MCing, Graffiti and Knowledge into his daily pedagogical practices. To him, being a teacher means he gets to be an activist, role model, creator, DJ, MC, B-Boy, graffiti artist, knowledge influencer and a change agent impacting both the present and the future.    

Share Your Passion

Prior to becoming a teacher, Lauren Danner worked as a research scientist. Now she encourages her students to pursue careers in science, because she is keenly aware that in her classroom right now, she may be looking at a future doctor, environmental scientist or the first astronaut to set foot on Mars.

Live Your Best Life

Sheena Graham, Connecticut's 2019 Teacher of the Year,  knows that in the classroom, "You have the ability to expand students’ interests beyond the subject matter—to live life to the fullest." Here's why.

Find Your Purpose

According to Latino Assistant Superintendent Miguel A. Cardona, you have an opportunity as a teacher to "defend your beliefs, challenge conventions and be a part of the change you want to see." Find out why he believes teachers are poised to identify tomorrow's leaders.

Teach Resilience

Military veteran Sal Escobales considers teaching to be one of the most meaningful experiences of his life. Read on to discover why he chose to teach in the community where he grew up—and why he serves as a Teacher Leader in Residence with the Connecticut State Department of Education.

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