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Teachers learn skills that can take you almost anywhere you want to, like leadership, communication, creative problem-solving and teamwork. So whether you stay in the classroom or set your sights beyond, let’s look at some of the ways you could grow your career.  

Of course, this is just a taste! There are as many career possibilities as there are teachers—and you get to decide how your journey will look.

5 Career Paths for Teachers

These are a few of the diverse fields where you can work with a teacher certification. Click on a category to see examples of each!

Classroom Leadership

You can advance your teaching career without giving up the opportunity to work with students directly. Here are a few ways you can grow in your career and stay in the classroom.

A Connecticut teacher who is National Board Certified smiling at the camera. Next to him are the words: “National Board Certified Teacher. Average extra income in CT: $1500 annually.”

School Leadership

With some teaching experience under your belt, you may decide to support your school community beyond the classroom! Check out these school-level leadership gigs and what they entail.

A future Connecticut school principal smiling at the camera. Next to her are the words: “Principal. Average salary in Connecticut: $139,000.”

District Leadership

In a district leadership position, you can broaden your reach and make a lasting impact across multiple schools. These are just a few of the many district leadership positions you can grow into.

 A future Connecticut school superintendent smiling at the camera. Next to her are the words: “School Superintendent. Average salary in Connecticut: $191,000.”

Policy, Advocacy & Academia

As you advance in your career, maybe you’ll want to expand your reach and share what you know with new audiences. Here’s a snapshot of the types of roles you can consider!

A future Connecticut education professor smiling at the camera. Next to him are the words: “Professor of Education. Average salary in Connecticut: $87,000.”

Education Products & Services

The skills and knowledge you gain from teaching can prepare you to develop products and services for other educators. Here are a few possibilities to consider.

A future Connecticut data analyst smiling at the camera. Next to her are the words: “Data analyst. Average salary in Connecticut: $98,000.”

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A future CT teacher smiles during his video advising session with a TEACH coach. He is sitting at a desk with his laptop.

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