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Berlin Public Schools

Berlin Public Schools provide a robust educational experience, with learning opportunities extended beyond the school day. Our mission: We create learning experiences that promote a sense of purpose, ignite passion, and foster a sense of pride.

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Meet Mary MacFarland

Teacher Ambassador

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Berlin Public Schools is a great place to work. The staff in the schools become like family. The staff is supported by administration and valued as professionals. They push us to become better as teachers and learners. Berlin Public Schools provides professional development to help foster their teachers as life-long learners. The district puts emphasis on the Social/Emotional Learning for students which is as important as their academic success.


  • K-5th Grade Special Education Teacher



  • 2010-2011 Willard Teacher of the Year
  • 2020-2021 Griswold Teacher of the Year
  • 2020-2021 Berlin Teacher of the Year

Teacher Certification Program

Why I Teach

I teach to make a difference in the lives of my students! The relationships I form with my students is what drives me everyday. Each day I take the time to connect with my students and let them know that someone cares. I see each day as a new day, regardless of what happened the day before. I work to create positive, supportive relationships with my students because no significant learning can occur without a significant relationship.

Berlin Public Schools by the numbers

  • 296

    Dedicated Teachers

  • 2,760

    Engaged Learners

  • $49,000

    New Teacher Starting Salary

About Berlin Public Schools

  • About

    Berlin is a suburban community of just over 20,000 residents, with 2,760 students enrolled in the public school district. Located in the "Heart of Connecticut," Berlin is conveniently located 13 miles south of the capital city, Hartford. The town is proud of its school system, which has developed outstanding programs and services for students. 

    The district has five schools: three elementary schools, one middle school and one high school. Additionally, eligible students (ages 18-21) receive programming through the Berlin Transition Academy. 

    Berlin Public Schools provide a robust educational experience, with learning opportunities extended beyond the school day. Our mission: We create learning experiences that promote a sense of purpose, ignite passion, and foster a sense of pride. 

    The community of Berlin is increasing in its diversity. We welcome students with a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. We currently have close to 100 students who are English learners. We are proud to participate in the Open Choice program, through which about 120 Hartford resident students attend the Berlin Public Schools. 

    A unique tradition in Berlin is the Upbeat Program. Founded in 1988, student members of Upbeat provide community service to the schools and local organizations. Each year, more than 200 students participate in character development and leadership training opportunities. We encourage students to give back to the community that has given so much to them. Students who work with Upbeat are able to volunteer at schools, hospitals, animal shelters, police stations, fire departments, senior centers, sporting events, parks and recreation, churches and many more local organizations.

  • Teaching in Berlin Public Schools

    Educators in Berlin enjoy access to a wide range of professional learning experiences. Teachers who are new to the district participate in an orientation program designed to introduce them to key staff members and to learn about the core values and mission of the district. Our Teacher Leadership Council, a volunteer group of veteran teachers, provides ongoing support to new teachers, meeting a number of times across the year. Many of the professional learning opportunities for teachers are provided as peer-to-peer learning sessions, with educators sharing successful strategies and approaches with their colleagues. A high percentage of our teachers have participated in formal training to serve as mentors for beginning teachers through the state TEAM program, and many also serve as cooperating teachers, hosting student teachers from local colleges and universities.

    Berlin has a rich history of working with nationally recognized experts, who often work with teachers over a number of years. Teacher choice and differentiation are hallmarks of the design of professional learning. Educators also participate in state and national conferences. You'll have a number of opportunities to grow through teacher leadership. You'll also have the opportunity to participate in school and district-wide groups, such as the Equity Advocates, the Student-Centered Learning Leadership Team and the Innovation Design Team.

  • Salary, Compensation & Benefits

    Berlin's salary and benefits are competitive in the local educational market, as well as across the state of Connecticut. We are proud of the work our teachers do in our district and pay them accordingly for their talent and expertise. The salary range for 2020-21 is $48,853 for a teacher beginning with a bachelor's, and extends to $100,963 at the top of the scale. Additionally, tenured teachers with a master's degree are eligible for tuition reimbursement to pursue an advanced degree.

  • For Students

    Berlin High School actively supports students looking to explore the teaching profession through the Future Teacher Club. This club looks at current trends in education, meets with teachers from a variety of grade levels and schedules a field trip to UCONN to meet students entering education as a career.

  • Job Opportunities

    If you’re interested in working for Berlin Public Schools, check out our job postings or email ndamiata@berlinschools.org.

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