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Teacher Ambassador

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Greenwich Education Group has been a pioneer in working with unique students with great gifts and difficult challenges. I work and consult with many talented and devoted professionals to be the best teacher I can be.


  • 6-12th Grade History
  • 7-12th Grade Social Studies
  • 12th Grade Early College Experience Intro to American Politics (UCONN)
  • 11-12th Grade Advanced History
  • 12th Grade Psychology
  • 12th Grade Sociology
  • 11-12th Law Studies
  • 11-12th World Area Studies



  • Lead Teacher and History Department Chair
  • Juris Doctor Degree from Quinnipiac University School of Law
  • Certified Adjunct, University of Connecticut, Political Science

Why I Teach

As a professional who has had several careers prior to entering the field of education, the importance of becoming a life-long learner in this global workplace became embedded into my psyche. 

As an educator, I help students acquire valuable skills and develop an innate sense of curiosity about the world they live in. This thirst for knowledge is difficult to instill in young students. A teacher requires a passion for the material, a conceptual perspective, the ability to present information to many different types of learners and, most significantly, the ability to develop a strong relationship with his or her students. 

As an educator, I strive to meet these goals on a daily basis. As the students achieve success and develop pride in their own accomplishments, the sense of purpose and pride in my students make me look forward to every day I teach. When done correctly, it is the teacher who learns from his or her students. A life of giving and shaping young minds offers the greatest reward a professional life can offer.

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