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Naugatuck Public Schools
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Welcome to the Naugatuck Public Schools family—where we educate ALL students for tomorrow's future. Learning thrives in our district because our community is built on strong relationships and high expectations. In our schools, we create a trusting environment that values risk-taking and cultivates persistence, and breeds innovation.

  • School District
  • Naugatuck, CT

Naugatuck by the numbers

  • 312

    Dedicated Teachers

  • 4,281

    Engaged Learners

  • 45,000

    New Teacher Starting Salary

About Naugatuck Public Schools

  • For Teachers

    Our diverse school communities are built on strong, trusting relationships. Together with our families, we ensure that each child feels safe to explore and investigate. Our staff engages students in personalized, hands-on learning that utilizes start-of the-art technology while never overlooking the importance of personal connections.

    From preschool to high school, Naugatuck students are engaged community members who come together for a cause and are excited to get their hands dirty while working to improve the quality of their environment.

    Our philosophy is that every learner in Naugatuck is empowered through active, meaningful and personal educational experiences that nurture an excitement and capacity for learning. Through daily classroom activities and rigorous curriculum, our students conduct research and analyze information while learning how to work together to solve real world problems. Our students are responsible to one another and develop grit as they work with their classmates or teammates to accomplish common goals.

    The ability and confidence to ask questions, formulate opinions and engage in real-world problem solving help to develop scholars who innovate and make a difference! From our award-winning arts and athletics departments to our clubs and activities designed to meet a variety of interests, Naugatuck schools provide opportunities for each student to explore, learn and grow.

    Here in Naugatuck Public Schools, we are proud of our many accomplishments. We have high expectations for ourselves and our students and enjoy celebrating our success!

    Upon graduation, our students are ready for the future. They have met high standards that prepare them to be: responsible citizens, researchers, innovators, problem solvers, informed thinkers and communicators. Our graduates are ready to take on the world.

  • Salary, Compensation & Benefits

    Salary and benefits are in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement between the Naugatuck Teachers’ League and the Naugatuck Board of Education. Please visit our website to view the district’s current collective bargaining agreement.

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