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Simsbury Public Schools
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Simsbury Public Schools is one of the highest-achieving school districts in Connecticut as measured by standardized test scores, participation in Advanced Placement coursework, and award-winning elective and extracurricular programming.

Located 12 miles northwest of Hartford, Simsbury is home to five elementary schools, one middle school and one high school.

The town is considered one of the Capital Region's most desirable residential communities, featuring outstanding educational, cultural and recreational opportunities. In a town survey, Simsbury Public Schools is consistently cited as the #1 reason why residents choose to live here, and over 90 percent of graduates from the high school matriculated from four-year colleges, with many attending highly selective institutions. 

The school district is committed to the development of the mind, body and character of each student, and the curriculum emphasizes critical thinking, innovation, collaboration, communication, self-direction and global citizenship.

  • School District
  • Simsbury, CT

Simsbury by the numbers

  • 407

    Dedicated Teachers

  • 4,098

    Engaged Learners

  • 47,000

    New Teacher Starting Salary

About Simsbury Public Schools

  • For Teachers

    Teachers in Simsbury Public Schools have the opportunity to teach highly motivated and skilled students who are supported by caring families. The district is committed to the support and development of all teachers, and has developed strong systems for curriculum, instructional coaching, mentoring of newer teachers, meaningful goal setting and the integration of classroom technology.

    The most important support for teachers is Simsbury's long-term commitment to the Professional Learning Community (PLC) model.  Research shows that the most effective professional development for teachers is working in a structured setting with colleagues who share the same challenges.

    PLCs in Simsbury are organized as grade-level or course-level teams who collaborate to improve student learning by defining common expectations, identifying formative assessments, implementing interventions, improving curriculum and sharing best instructional practices. The district recognizes that the quality of its teachers is the most influential factor in improving student outcomes; therefore, we invest in our human resources as a strategic priority.

  • Salary, Compensation & Benefits

    Simsbury Public Schools offers a competitive salary and benefit package to our teachers. The union contract and salary schedule are posted on our website for more details.

  • For Students

    There are a few opportunities for students who are interested in teaching to explore the profession in Simsbury. Often, our 12th grade students will develop a senior project that includes a chance to "student-teach" a group of younger students over the course of a semester.

    Students who have participated in these opportunities have provided strong feedback about the value of the experience. There are also a number of courses at Simsbury High School such as Unified Wellness, Unified Art and Unified Theater, where students can work with and guide the learning of disabled peers in very supportive and inclusive environments. 

    Finally, the district sponsors five $1,000 scholarships (to students who attended each of the district's elementary schools) at the end of senior year, with awards going to students who have specifically identified the teaching profession as a potential career path.

  • Job Opportunities

    If you’re interested in working for Simsbury Public Schools, check out our job postings at the link below or email cfreilinger@simsbury.k12.ct.us.

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