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Southington Public Schools

Hear from Kari Peschel-Luise about the teaching family at Southington Public Schools.

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Meet Kari Peschel-Luise

Teacher Ambassador

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It was a massive commitment for my family to move to the United States from overseas. Our number one priority was to figure out which city to move to in Connecticut based on the public education that would be provided to our children. Based on the location accessibility, community amenities and lifestyle, Southington was clearly the winner. To now be part of the teaching family, who inspired, educated and graduated all three of our children, is not only a testament of our decision to live in Southington, but also my conviction to Southington Public School’s quality of education and vision.


  • 10th Grade PLTW Digital Electronics
  • 12th Grade PLTW/EdAdvance Engineering Design & Development
  • 11-12th Grade Architecture
  • 12th Grade Writing for Engineers and Scientists



      • 2019 Teacher of the Year, Southington Public Schools
      • 2018 Expo Fest Skills 21 Outstanding Team Projects 1st and 2nd Place
      • 2018 Southington Board of Education Recognition for Architecture Excellence and Student Mentorship
      • 2018 Home Builders and Remodelers Association of Central Connecticut Inc, Student/Teacher Awards for Architectural Design Excellence and Green Architecture
      • 20th Annual Connecticut Educators Computer Association K-12 Education Technology Exposition Selection
      • 2017 Home Builders and Remodelers Association of Central Connecticut Inc. StudentTeacher Awards Architectural Design Excellence
      • 2016 Southington Education Grant for Architectural Columns in History
      • 2014 - 17 Connecticut State Department of Education Career & Technical Education #1 Ranked Connecticut Secondary School Pre-Engineering Technology
      • Diplom-Ingenieur/USA, Senatsverwaltung für Wissenschaft, Forshung und Kultur, Berlin, Germany
      • Master’s Degree in Environmental Design - Architecture, The University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
      • Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology - Developmental/Environmental Psychology, The University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada

      Teacher Certification Program

      Why I Teach

      Before my teaching career, I practiced architecture in Canada and Germany prior to immigrating to the United States in 2008. Working abroad as an architect and engineer, I observed tremendous disparities between the skills students attained during their education and the readiness required in the work field. 

      I believe identifying the unique characteristics of each and every student and empowering them to reach their individual goals is the foundation to teaching and why I essentially became a teacher. Since becoming an Engineering, Architecture and Technology Education teacher, closing the gap between students' education skills and architecture and engineering career requirements has been my objective. Weaving foundational knowledge, authentic education strategies, and professional experiences with compassionate rigor identifies my personal teaching style to positively engage and influence students. 

      Teachers do not exclusively impart knowledge to students, they empower students with the freedom of personal awareness and destiny. My job is to awaken this empowerment; my joy is to witness each and every success!

      Southington by the numbers

      • 615

        Dedicated Teachers

      • 6,400

        Engaged Learners

      • $51,065

        New Teacher Starting Salary

      About Southington Public Schools

      • About

        Southington has eight public elementary schools, two middle schools, one high school, as well as the Southington Alternative Education Program, a unique school of choice. Approximately 6,400 students are enrolled in Southington Public Schools, making it one of the larger districts in the state of Connecticut. The entire instructional philosophy from kindergarten to high school is based upon its community stakeholder-based, Southington Public Schools Vision of a Graduate: 

        “A graduate of the Southington Public Schools will be college or career ready and prepared for life beyond by mastering the knowledge and demonstrating the skills to communicate effectively, think creatively and critically and contribute to the global community.” 

        Southington’s education pathway culminates at Southington High School, with enrollment exceeding 2,200 students, of which 90% of graduates attend post-secondary education. It offers a hierarchical system with classes designed to individual students. These include college prep (CP), competitive college prep (CCP), and honors level (H) classes. The school offers more than 20 Advanced Placement Classes, as well as a number of for-college-credit courses, including foreign language credit through the University of Connecticut (UCONN), and its New England acclaimed engineering program, Project Lead the Way, through the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in New York.

      • For Teachers

        Southington Public Schools is tremendously proud of its academic programs, clubs and athletics, and highly values its teachers and volunteers who contribute to student, community, state, national and international successes. These include the internationally acclaimed Southington High School’s FIRST Robotics Team 195. New teachers to the district are highly supported by all members of Southington Public Schools. First year teaching at Southington Public Schools is a rewarding collaboration between advisor and colleagues and the successful completion of the State of Connecticut’s TEAM component. Key to the school district’s success is their strong belief in their highly qualified teachers as well as their continued professional development opportunities. Current focus includes mastery-based learning as well as 21st century skills training. A tremendous part of the appeal of the Town of Southington and the Public Schools is its celebration of team, teacher and student excellence within its extended family of Town officials, community members and individual family members.

      • For Students

        Southington Public Schools is committed to cultivating its own teachers with a highly active collaboration program between all of its school campuses and surrounding teaching colleges, including the University of Connecticut and Central Connecticut State University. At any given year, the District has between eight and 15 student teachers who are mentored at our school facilities.

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