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Thompson Public Schools

Hear from Caitlyn Adler about the close-knit community at Thompson Public Schools.

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Meet Caitlyn Adler

Teacher Ambassador

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Thompson is a small, close-knit community that fosters strong relationships among students, school faculty, families and members of the community.  Teachers here are encouraged to spend time building relationships with their students and creating a positive environment for learning. Because the grade and class sizes are smaller, there are more opportunities for individualized instruction and student-centered learning. Faculty members are also provided with many opportunities for professional development throughout the school year. Another thing that makes Thompson schools unique is that the elementary, middle, and high school are all connected within the same complex. I love getting to know each of my students and seeing them grow from year to year as they progress through the high school.


  • 8th Grade English Language Arts


  • Rhode Island College
  • Providence College


    Teacher Certification Program

    • Rhode Island College

    Why I Teach

    When I was younger, I had always imagined myself as possibly becoming an educator. I enjoyed school and admired many of the teachers I had in class throughout elementary school. However, I credit my desire to be a secondary English teacher most to my 7th grade ELA teacher. Her bubbly personality and passion for the subject she taught truly appealed to me. She made learning fun and motivated even the most reluctant students to read and write with enthusiasm. From that moment on, I knew that I wanted to have the same impact on a class of my own some day. 

    Thompson by the numbers

    • 105

      Dedicated Teachers

    • 1,003

      Engaged Learners

    • 44,000

      New Teacher Starting Salary

    About Thompson Public Schools

    • About

      In 2017, our district established a strategic plan that is consistent with our vision to be the top performing school district in Eastern Connecticut. We are a small district with big opportunities for our students. We offer a full comprehensive high school with many courses that offer college credit. Our strength is in our people and the connection we have to the history and culture of the Thompson community.

    • For Teachers

      The teachers in Thompson are invested in their students. The administration and the community recognize the value of good teaching and the important role that educators play in the lives of their students. Class sizes are relatively small, and teachers in each school are a close-knit group given the district's enrollment.

    • Salary, Compensation & Benefits

      Thompson offers a salary and benefit package that is competitive with any district in our region. Many additional opportunities exist for teachers to serve as coaches and club advisers at all levels. Many of our elementary and middle school teachers coach high school varsity sports teams.

    • For Students

      The Thompson Public Schools are committed to excellence throughout the school community. In a positive and caring environment, students will master lifelong learning skills to achieve individual maximum potential. Students will participate in a challenging curriculum that encourages creative and critical thinking. In partnership with community and family, we will foster the values of integrity and respect in a diverse and changing society.

    • Job Opportunities

      If you’re interested in working for Thompson Public Schools, check out our job postings at the link below or email dpederson@thompsonpublicschools.org.

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