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Teaching through challenge and change

This back-to-school season, educators discuss the unique challenges and opportunities of teaching in a history-changing year.

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In March 2020, in response to a global pandemic, teachers around the world gathered their collective brainpower and immediately changed the nature of education. Two months later, the U.S. faced another big sea change as nationwide protests erupted demanding racial equity. 

In these and countless other moments of national change, educators have stepped up to meet the challenges and opportunities of historical shifts, helping students make sense of the world and prepare to change it.

Nobody knows what the Fall 2020 semester will look like. But everybody knows that teachers and schools have one of society’s biggest roles to play. Here, we collect stories from educators and thinkers across the country asking:

  • How have you met the challenges and opportunities of teaching in 2020? 
  • What is your vision for the future of education, both this fall and beyond? 
  • What role do teachers play in creating a more just, healthy, and equitable society?

Real stories from real teachers

Read about the diverse and personal experiences of teachers around the country.
  • Anthonya Kahrs

    How this rural school teacher adjusted to COVID-era learning

    Fifth grade teacher Anthonya Kahrs adapted her lessons during quarantine to keep her students engaged.

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  • Melissa Michaud-Maltese

    Keeping everyone on board

    How this Navy vet’s deployments prepared her for her biggest mission yet—teaching special education at a Connecticut high school during a global pandemic.

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  • Dr. Symonette and her students

    Teaching is a revolutionary act

    Master teacher, Dr. Precious Symonette of Miami-Dade County Public Schools, makes an impassioned call for more Black teachers to join the profession.

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"Teaching is a Revolutionary Act." —Dr. Precious Symonette

A diverse teaching workforce is a direct means to achieving a more equitable society, and increasing the number of Black teachers in our nation's schools is a significant component of promoting anti-racism. As part of this work, TEACH.org invited three of the nation’s top educators to join us for a one-hour event on June 3: Be the Change: The Impact of Black Teachers and How You Can Join the Profession

The response was overwhelming, with more than 1,800 current and future educators signing up to join the event. And our panelists delivered, with insightful data, inspiring stories and powerful resources. Watch the recorded event here.

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