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Choose Your Endorsement Area

Decide what you want to teach, and choose the certification endorsement area that’s right for you. Read this page or download our full certification guide.

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Before you enroll in a teaching program, you’ll need to decide what you want to teach — the subject and age group. On this page, we’ll go over your options.

What is an endorsement area?

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A quick note on language: Your teacher certification is the document that lets you teach in a Connecticut classroom. Your certification or endorsement area refers to the specific subjects and grade levels you’re qualified to teach.

You can have endorsements in multiple subjects, and you can add endorsements throughout your career! 

How do I choose an endorsement area?

If you already know what subject you want to teach, you can jump to the next section.

If you’re not sure or you’re open to different subjects, click on the tabs to see how you can increase your job opportunities.

In some cases, you may have multiple certification endorsement options to choose from. For example, if you want to teach fourth, fifth or sixth grade, you could earn an elementary endorsement for grades 1–6 or an endorsement for grades 4–8 in a specific subject area, like social studies or math.

What endorsements can I earn?

Once you know the grade and subject you want to teach, you can select your certification endorsement area. Click the tabs to explore your options.

Remember: You can add endorsements throughout your career. You don’t have to get them all at once!

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