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Everything you need to know about getting certified to teach in Connecticut
Everything you need to know about getting certified to teach in Connecticut

To get certified to teach in Connecticut: 

Note: We do our best to keep all information updated, but because certification requirements are regularly reviewed and revised, it is best to confirm requirements with your educator preparation program and the Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) Bureau of Certification before applying.

Which statement fits you best?

In Connecticut, teachers are awarded certification in specific endorsement areas. Each endorsement area authorizes them to teach a specific set of grades and subjects.

Choosing a Certification Area

Once you know your grade and subject preferences, you can select a certification endorsement area.

In some cases, you may have multiple certification endorsement options to choose from. For example, if you want to teach fourth, fifth or sixth grade, you could get (a) an Elementary endorsement for grades 1-6 and/or (b) an endorsement for grades 4-8 in a particular subject area. 

Pro Tip: You can add cross-endorsements in different grade levels and subject areas throughout your teaching career. You don’t have to get all your endorsements at once. 😌

CT teaching certification viz
CT teaching certification viz

Are you ready to find your certification endorsement area in Connecticut?

It's easy:

  • Filter by grade level and subject area to see which certification endorsement(s) apply to your teaching interests.
  • Hover to explore additional notes and details, like certification shortage areas.

If you prefer to review this information in tables, expand the sections below.

Your Pathway to Teaching

Once you know what you want to teach, you're ready to start your journey to becoming a certified teacher in Connecticut! In Connecticut, there are three tiers of teacher certification—and two pathways to get you there. 

The three tiers of certification in Connecticut are initial, provisional and professional. Advancement through the tiers requires additional years of experience and meeting certain criteria, such as advanced coursework. Learn more about what it takes to upgrade your teacher certification in the Guide to Maintaining Educator Certification from the CSDE Talent Office’s Bureau of Certification.

The two pathways to obtaining a Connecticut certificate are based on either having prior teaching experience or completing an approved educator preparation program.

  • If you have at least two years of appropriate prior teaching experience, learn more about your eligibility for certification by reviewing the Guide to Obtaining Educator Certification Guide from the CSDE Talent Office’s Bureau of Certification.
  • If you don’t have prior teaching experience, you will need to complete the pathway outlined below—educator preparation program completion—to earn your initial Connecticut teaching certification. Here’s a step-by-step overview of this pathway: 

Adding It All Up

Teaching is the greatest opportunity to shape the trajectories of young people’s lives—and the future of our world. While the experiences you’ll have are priceless, you may be wondering what it costs to get certified to teach in Connecticut. 

The total costs will vary depending on the educator preparation program you attend and the tests required for your certification endorsement area. Below are some of the costs you can expect while earning and obtaining your certification: 

Heads Up: While there are some fees for maintaining or advancing your certification, there are no renewal fees once you earn your Professional certificate.

Pro Tip: It's understandable to have your eye on the cost of educator preparation programs, but there are lots of scholarships, loan forgiveness and other funding opportunities that may lower program costs for Connecticut’s future teachers. Check out Financial Aid & Scholarships to learn more.

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