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An impactful new career

As a Connecticut teacher, your family member will be making a difference while making a good living.

Have a future educator in the family?

We get it: You want your family member to be happy, comfortable and compensated fairly for the work they do. 

Your family member is considering a career that enriches the lives of students in countless ways. That’s something to celebrate!

What’s more: Connecticut ranks in the top ten states to be a teacher because of the quality of schools and competitive compensation.

Your loved one is exploring a career path that is rewarding, well-compensated and in-demand. Read on to learn about what’s in store for the future teacher in your life. 

Connecticut Takes Care of its Educators

The Life of a Connecticut Teacher

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    A hub of education innovation

    Connecticut has long been at the forefront of excellence and innovation in education. 

    The state has consistently had among the highest student outcomes in the nation, focusing on working toward equitability and access in education with efforts like its new Learn Together, Grow Together campaign.

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    A culturally rich location

    Steeped in history and situated close to Boston and New York, Connecticut is one of the most fascinating places to be a teacher on the east coast. 

    Museums, concert halls, parks, and historical sites give Connecticut teachers easy access to art, science, culture, and nature. 

    Find out where teachers go for inspiration in Connecticut.

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    Support from the community

    Connecticut returns some of the best student success rates in the country because the state, each district and school is invested in supporting teachers throughout their career. 

    Teachers are valued, appreciated and encouraged to be true changemakers in their classrooms and communities.

    “Here, you can be a ‘big fish in a little pond,’ with opportunities to present at conferences, share ideas with the State Department of Education, and lead the charge for the direction of education.”  - Colleen Thompson, Music/Choir teacher, Simsbury Public Schools

    Hear first-hand what it's like to teach in Connecticut.

Some Amazing Coworkers

New teachers work among the best educators at Connecticut schools. Read stories from inspired educators and find out just how the future teacher in your life will answer the call.
  • Ryan Parker

    Ryan Parker

    Ryan Parker incorporates his love of poetry, hip-hop and graffiti to change the game while in the classroom and to reinvent the role of creativity and expression in schools.

    Meet Ryan
  • Lauren Danner

    Lauren Danner

    Connecticut's Teacher of the Year in 2017 Lauren Danner began teaching after a career in biotech. Now she’s inspiring young women in her classroom to pursue science.

    Meet Lauren
  • Manuel Barahona

    Manuel Zaldivar Barahona

    An immigrant and bilingual educator, Manuel Zaldivar Barahona, finds his life’s purpose in the cultural connections he fosters among his students.

    Meet Manuel

Room for Growth

Teacher with student at desk

A career in education promises to be a dynamic one. The skills a teacher gains can lead down countless paths toward greater impact, higher compensation and an expansive network. Here are just some of the things a teacher can do with the skills they learn. 

Resources for Future Teachers

As your future teacher begins their journey, you may have questions about where they’ll study or how they’ll fund their educator preparation.
  • Explore Programs

    A variety of offerings to get certified to teach means there’s a program out there that’s just right for your family member.

    View Programs
  • Financial Aid

    From scholarships to internships and residencies, future teachers have access to resources that help them save as they build a future. 

    Search Aid
  • Guides and Coaching

    TEACH Connecticut has your family member covered with 1-on-1 coaching and how-to-guides.

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Next Steps

We get it. You want to be supportive and help your loved one become a teacher, but it’s hard to know where to start. That’s why TEACH Connecticut provides a clear, custom and actionable roadmap to walk you and your loved one through every step along the way. 

Start a roadmap with the future teacher in your life and watch their career take off. 

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