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Area Cooperative Educational Services (ACES)

Hear from Beth Petr about being a lifelong learner and inspiring this mindset in ACES student.

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Meet Beth Petr

Teacher Ambassador

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I chose to teach at ACES because there is no more rewarding job than to help children celebrate their uniqueness and special qualities, and foster a sense of hope and curiosity. At ACES you have the opportunity to work with a diverse population and amazingly dedicated and compassionate educators.


  • Kindergarten Teacher


  • Rhode Island College


  • 2020 ACES Teacher of the Year
  • Nominee New Haven Network for Public Education
  • Tariq and Asma Foundation Grant recipient
  • ACES Sister School Grant Program

Teacher Certification Program

Why I Teach

I don't remember a time when I didn't want to be a teacher! As a young child I rallied up neighborhood kids to "play school." Even then I made learning fun and the kids kept attending. I would even choose to attend school in another state during my school vacations—that's how much I enjoyed learning. This love for learning effortlessly and naturally morphed into my love for teaching. I knew choosing education as a profession would provide opportunities for me to creatively bring learning to young minds, foster a life-ong love of learning within students and make a lasting positive impact on children's lives.

Area Cooperative Educational Services by the numbers

  • 264

    Dedicated Teachers

  • 2,200

    Engaged Learners

  • $48,000

    New Teacher Starting Salary

About Area Cooperative Educational Services

  • About

    ACES is a regional education service center dedicated to enhancing and transforming lives through education, innovation and leadership. We are located in south central CT, with most programs located in the greater New Haven area. We service approximately 2200 students from ages 3-21. Our vision is to create an equitable and socially just work one life at a time. We offer competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits, including health, dental, teacher's retirement, ongoing professional learning and tuition reimbursemet. Although we are a large agency, we create close knit learning communities that are warm and welcoming.

  • Teaching in ACES

    ACES offers a wide array of teaching experiences from highly specialized special education schools to STEAM magnet schools focusing on STEM and the Arts. Our Educational Center for the Arts is attended by high school students pursuing their passion in the arts. ACES supports new teachers in a variety of ways including professional learning opportunities, orientation, induction, and mentorship. Teachers are offered growth opportunities through leadership positions such as team leaders, department chairs, coaching, after school clubs and committee involvement. Many of these are stipend positions. ACES offers tuition reimbursement for those furthering their education. ACES is a mission driven organization who seeks to provide innovative curriculum, and employment opportunites to a diverse student body focused on social justice and citizenship. ACES provides education for students from over thirty (30) districts and partners with local universities for placement of interns and student teachers as well as programs within schools such as our WIMS Reading Lab.

  • Salary, Compensation & Benefits

    ACES offers competitve salaries ranging from $50,430 - $69,163 for a Bachelor's degree to $54,850- $90,278 for a Master's Degree. There is also a sixth year salary schedule and doctoral stipends. The profession offers many other opportunities to increase pay, such as extended school year teaching and stipend positions. Aside from pay. certified staff at ACES are enrolled in the Teacher's Retirement Plan of Connecticut and qualify for loan forgiveness programs.

  • For Students

    Each year ACES sponsors a Future Educators' Symposium, bringing together students from local high schools who may be interested in a career in teaching. They hear from educators of color who may have made an impact in the lives of others. In addition to the Future Educators' Symposium students are exposed to other career pathways through Project Lead the Way and STEM curriculum.

  • Job Opportunities

    If you’re interested in working for ACES, check our job postings or email scook@aces.org.

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