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Founded as a teachers’ college in 1893, Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU) provides exemplary graduate and undergraduate education in the liberal arts and professional disciplines. As an intentionally diverse and comprehensive university, SCSU is committed to academic excellence, access, social justice and service for the public good. 

Located in New Haven, Connecticut, SCSU is a metropolitan public institution serving approximately 8,000 undergraduate and 2,000 graduate students. SCSU is one of four universities that make up the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities System (CSCU) governed by the Connecticut Board of Regents for Higher Education.

Over the past 125 years, SCSU has evolved into a comprehensive university offering more than 100 graduate and undergraduate programs through its five schools: Arts and Sciences, Business, Education, Health and Human Services and Graduate and Professional Studies.

SCSU offers undergraduate and graduate programs for educators through the master’s and sixth year level, and an EdD in Educational leadership. SCSU also offers post-baccalaureate certification programs and graduate certificates for educators. 

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Jessica Myers

Friends were something I definitely expected to make at SCSU, but family was a pleasant surprise. Southern has done so much to support me and my educational endeavors; I really couldn’t imagine what my life would be like had I gone anywhere else.

Jessica Myers



Bachelor’s & certification

Undergraduate Teacher Preparation Programs

  • From 48 to 72 months

    Program Duration

  • Hybrid

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Program Info

The educator preparation programs (EPPs) at SCSU are comprised of a passionate educational community committed to excellence, impact and continuous improvement through life-long learning in our local and global society.

What sets our programs apart?

  • We are the only public institution in CT that offers a BS program leading to a dual certification in Elementary education and special education.
  • We also offer a BS program leading to a dual certification in Elementary Education and bilingual education.

The following concepts are the foundation of SCSU’s teacher preparation programs and are demonstrated by faculty, students, administrators and staff: 

  • Collaborating within and across diverse contexts: SCSU teacher candidates demonstrate the skills, experience, mindsets and professional dispositions to work within and across the multicultural and increasingly technological contexts of the 21st century global society. 
  • Applying skills to impact learning and development: SCSU teacher candidates demonstrate well-developed content knowledge and skills specific to their individual professions.
  • Leading for excellence: SCSU teacher candidates exhibit and encourage communication excellence, professional dispositions, and positive pro-social behaviors. They also demonstrate competency in evidence-based decision making.  
  • Learning through inquiry, experience and reflection: SCSU teacher candidates are learners who value, and strive for, pedagogical, professional and scholarly practice that is premised on research-based evidence, personal reflection and authentic experience in their professions. 

For a complete list of programs offered, see the SCSU program catalog. Or start an application.

Upcoming Deadlines

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  • Aug. 01, 2024

  • Nov. 01, 2024


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Application Fee & Annual Tuition

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  • $11,822

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  • $25,226

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  • $50

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Ways to Lower Your Costs

Students at Southern Connecticut State University have reduced the cost of their program using these methods. Check with Southern Connecticut State University to see if you can, too!



Grants, Stipends, Scholarships

Over 25 SCSU Foundations Scholarships are available to students once they have been formally accepted into one of the teacher certification programs.

Work Study, Working While Still Enrolled

Work study opportunities are available for eligible students.

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Art, Grades Pre-K-12
Bilingual Education, Elementary / Secondary Education
Biology, Grades 7-12
Chemistry, Grades 7-12
Comprehensive Special Education, Grades K-12
Earth Science, Grades 7-12
Elementary, Grades 1-6
English, Grades 7-12
French, Grades 7-12
History & Social Studies, Grades 7-12
Integrated Early Childhood/Special Education, Grades Pre-K-3
Italian, Grades 7-12
Mathematics, Grades 7-12
Physical Education, Grades Pre-K-12
Physics, Grades 7-12
Spanish, Grades 7-12
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Program Semesters/Steps Overview

Program Hallmarks


  • Male

  • Female



  • American Indian or Alaskan Native

  • Asian

  • Black

  • Hispanic/Latino

  • Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander

  • White

  • Two or more races








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