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Derby Public Schools

Hear from Maureen Zahara about the small community and "all in this together" attitude at Derby Public Schools.

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Meet Maureen Zahara

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I love working in the small community of Derby. There’s definitely a feeling of “we’re in this together” when you work for Derby Public Schools. Derby kids are just regular kids from the block, though some of them face challenges and hardships in their home and family lives. If I can be an instrument of positivity and knowledge, of overcoming obstacles and working together to achieve goals, then I’ll stay in Derby for as long as they’ll have me.

Maureen Zahara


  • K - 5th Music/Band/Chorus Teacher


  • Western Connecticut State University


  • 2019 Teacher of the Year, Derby Public Schools

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Why I Teach

I teach because today's youth need guidance. That's true for every generation, but in this rapidly changing world, the fabric of society seems to be stretched in many directions, and kids observe and soak up everything like sponges. I'd like them to see me as a kind, fair, firm, stable adult in their lives. I love learning about and exploring music, and I love working with kids. So, it made sense to me to choose a career that combines both. Guiding young people through music curriculum and life is extremely rewarding to me. 

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