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East Hartford Public Schools

Hear from Mary Bieler about community engagement at East Hartford Public Schools.

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Meet Mary Bieler

Teacher Ambassador

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I am surrounded by passionate, highly effective educators and administrators who put kids first. Teachers are encouraged to stretch themselves beyond the classroom to take on leadership roles and engrain themselves in the community.


  • 9th Grade English Teacher



  • 2019 District Teacher of the Year, East Hartford Public Schools
  • 2019 Teacher of the Year, East Hartford High School
  • 2014 Spotlight Award, East Hartford Public Schools
  • 2013 Soaring Hornet Award, East Hartford High School

Teacher Certification Program

Why I Teach

I come back to the classroom each and every day because, as much as I influence the hearts and minds of my students, they impact me in return. 

The field of education has given me everything I could ever want out of a career: a work environment where creativity and spontaneity are encouraged, the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of others, and a profession where I am challenged every day to improve as both an educator and a person. 

East Hartford by the numbers

  • 615

    Dedicated Teachers

  • 7,060

    Engaged Learners

  • 50,000

    New Teacher Starting Salary

About East Hartford Public Schools

  • About

    At East Hartford Public Schools (EHPS), we believe schools are the pride of our community. We are committed to providing a high-quality learning experience for every child, every day. Our core institutional beliefs focus our staff on the importance of their expectations, efforts and growing competencies. We believe there is a solution to every challenge and, through an educational focus on positive relationships between home, school and child, we will achieve extraordinary results. 

    EHPS proudly serves 7,060 diverse, talented and dynamic students between grades pre-K and 12.  Our average grade ranges between 500 to 550 students with elementary class sizes around 21 students per class (dependent on grade level). At EHPS, we celebrate and embrace an incredibly diverse student body that represents the vibrant communities of our great town. We are proud to be a district that provides our students with the beauty of our world and believes that “together, we are better.”

    Charged with helping the finest students in the state of Connecticut on their individualized paths to success is a dedicated staff of over 1,300 employees.  Our staff is committed to developing the strong and powerful relationships and connections that are vital to student success. Our teaching force is highly trained and qualified (over 92 percent have advanced degrees) and receives continual professional development and training to grow and improve our skills to help students succeed. 

    With 19 buildings and over 210 acres of property, EHPS represents a major piece of our town and certainly the future of our community. Beyond our 16 schools, our Central Registration/Facilities Division is located at 734 Tolland Street, while the Board of Education and Central Administration can be found at 1110 Main Street. We take pride in our schools and work hard to keep them maintained, clean and ready for learning every day.

  • For Teachers

    We are seeking staff that have a strong commitment to urban education and a drive for student achievement. 

    East Hartford embraces parent involvement and continues to seek ways to increase it through open houses, Family Resource Centers, parent leadership training seminars, roundtable discussions with our Superintendent and Board Chair, and our Office of Family & Community Partnerships. 

    We employ more than 1,300 staff, including more than 600 teachers. East Hartford Public Schools provides unique opportunities for career development and professional growth, including a teacher leadership academy in partnership with the Connecticut Association of Schools. We seek talented individuals who share our core beliefs and love working with kids. 

    Our staff bring incredible talent and knowledge and are encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas with District leaders through a variety of subcommittees, including our District Data Team, District Equity & Diversity team, District Instructional Practices team, Student Success Team, Professional Development & Evaluation committee, District Technology Committee, Student Attendance committee, Faculty Advisory committee, and the Family/Community Advisory committee.  

    We believe we become better when we work together! East Hartford Public Schools is also a strong supporter of Fund for Teachers, a professional learning opportunity for teachers. Fund for Teachers provides fellowships for teachers to spent part of their summer vacations traveling around the world to pursue personally-designed learning experiences in various fields and disciplines.  Teachers document their remarkable journeys, and when they return, they apply what they learned to enhance student experiences in their classrooms. East Hartford Public Schools has had the distinction of having the most fellows of any public school district in Connecticut for the past two school years.

  • Salary, Compensation & Benefits

    Our competitive benefits package includes health and dental. Teachers working in East Hartford may also qualify for mortgage assistance and student loan forgiveness. We offer a very competitive salary schedule.  

    Salary Schedule
    Step   BA                BA+30        MA                 MA+1        PHD
    1        $50,162        $56,527        $58,117        $60,768        $66,074
    2        $53,035        $59,400        $60,991        $63,643        $68,945
    3        $55,155        $62,052        $63,643        $66,825        $72,128
    4        $57,279        $64,702        $66,296        $70,005        $75,307
    5        $59,400        $67,357        $68,945        $73,189        $79,022
    6        $61,523        $70,005        $71,598        $76,372        $82,735
    7        $63,643        $73,189        $74,779        $79,552        $86,448
    8        $66,296        $76,372        $77,961        $83,263        $90,159
    9        $68,945        $79,552        $81,143        $86,978        $93,874
    10      $71,598        $82,735        $84,324        $90,690        $97,586
    11      $74,248        $85,916        $87,510        $94,404        $101,299

  • Job Opportunities

    If you’re interested in working for East Hartford Public Schools, check out our job postings at the link below or email wethje.ct@easthartford.org.

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