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Greenwich Public Schools

Hear from Erin Montague about being an educator in the Greenwich school system.

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Meet Erin Montague

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I am very proud to work in Greenwich as we have a very special and diverse community. Our students and educators bring varying life experiences and academic skills to the classroom, welcoming educational lessons beyond the district curriculum.


  • 6-8th Grade School Counselor, AVID Site Coordinator for Western Middle School


  • Fairfield University


    Teacher Certification Program

    • Sacred Heart University

    Why I Teach

    Outside of our homes, children need adults at school who will be champions for them. My goal is to get to know each of my students, their background and families, goals and dreams, and then be a consistent and honest cheerleader for them as they journey toward their goals. When students are a partner in the decisions made about and around them, are held accountable, and can actively voice how they feel, we are enabling them with transferable life skills required in more than an educational setting. I believe that if we model clear and high expectations for academic habits and positive, respectful behaviors, I have no doubt that our students can and will rise to meet them. I am a counselor so that I can be who I needed when I was younger

    Greenwich by the numbers

    • 843

      Dedicated Teachers

    • 9,250

      Engaged Learners

    • $56,111

      New Teacher Starting Salary

    About Greenwich Public Schools

    • About Greenwich

      Greenwich Public Schools consist of 11 neighborhood elementary schools (K-5), three middle schools (6-8) and one high school (9-12), with an offsite alternative high school program. Students are assigned to elementary and middle schools based on residential attendance areas. Four of the elementary schools and one middle school also serve as magnet schools, offering a programmatic choice for families (Hamilton Avenue School, The International School at Dundee, Julian Curtiss School, New Lebanon School and Western Middle School). Tuition and lottery-based preschool programs are also offered for residents and employees of the Town of Greenwich. The Greenwich Public Schools is a diverse learning environment for students and educators alike and values the variety of languages and backgrounds within our district. 

      Academic Goal - To ensure each student achieves optimal growth within the core academic disciplines based on multiple variables. 
      Personal Goal - To ensure each student develops the capacity to be responsible for his or her own physical and mental health. 
      Interpersonal Goal - To ensure each student demonstrates growth in personal development and civic responsibility.

    • Teaching in Greenwich

      The Greenwich Public Schools emphasizes professional learning, a Digital Learning Environment (one-to-one devices) and diversity. Greenwich deeply values professional learning because it informs and is a part of everyday life at our schools. It is an integral part of teacher collaboration, planning, evaluation and assessment activities to ensure that professional learning is a key component of the Greenwich Public School teaching career, relevant to a teacher’s professional needs and aligned with Greenwich Public School goals. The objectives of the Digital Learning Environment (DLE) are to transform teaching and learning, to accelerate the academic achievement of all students, and to improve the personal well-being of all students. As an ongoing initiative, the DLE provides teachers with the resources necessary to innovate and differentiate instruction according to the needs of each student. It provides opportunities for students to personalize their own learning by making choices about how they learn and present new knowledge. Through the DLE and one-to-one device policy, our students all have access to the same information via the same educational tools. The Greenwich Public Schools is a diverse district in Fairfield county. There are a variety of languages and cultural backgrounds represented, as well as a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds within the Greenwich Public Schools. 20.6 percent of students are eligible for Free and Reduced Lunch, approximately 5 percent of students are English Language Learners, and our Minority Student Population is approximately 38.5 percent. Greenwich Public Schools is a high performing district where many of our students take advantage of advanced level courses, our art program and a multitude of athletics.

    • Salary, Compensation & Benefits

      Our teachers are among the most highly compensated in Fairfield County and our district participates in the State Partnership Insurance Plan. Teachers of Greenwich Public Schools who don’t live in the Town of Greenwich have the opportunity to pay tuition rates for their children to attend Greenwich Public Schools. 

      $56,111 (according to the GEA Contract, Step 1 BA/BS) 
      $61,932 (according to the GEA Contract, Step 1 MA/MS).

    • For Students

      Greenwich High School seniors have some opportunities to work with underclassmen and explore the roles of mentoring, tutoring, volunteering and supporting students in the classroom setting. Seniors that take advantage of an internship spend their last four to five weeks of the school year completing a field experience in our schools and within under the guidance of one of our faculty mentors. Greenwich Public Schools looks to afford its alumni internship opportunities as they pursue careers in education. Greenwich Public Schools also works closely with universities to provide their students with internship opportunities and field experiences. 

    • Job Opportunities

      Learn more about working with Greenwich Public Schools here

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