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Hear from Baileys Irizzary about teaching world language to foster multiculturalism in Manchester Public Schools.

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Meet Baileys Irizzary

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I have been blessed with the opportunity to teach for the last 21 years, and seven of these years have been at Manchester High School. It has been a delightful experience working at Manchester High School. As a world language teacher, I love the diversity within the student population. Teaching a language brings out the uniqueness of the language and culture. It gives my students a great opportunity to venture out into other cultures as well as make connections within their own.

Baileys Irizzary


  • 9-12th Grade Spanish Teacher


  • Central Connecticut State University


  • Distinguished Service and Exemplary Support to Families
  • Exemplary Leadership Award
  • 2009 Pulaski Middle School Teacher of the Year

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Why I Teach

I understand the struggles that many of my students bring to the classroom every day. It is my responsibility to give 110% at all times because being a role model, mentor and leader to my students is vital to their growth. I envision my students as future leaders who will one day leave their mark on this world. I want them to leave my class understanding that the negativity of this world is merely a form of motivation towards reaching their goals. I will continue to dedicate my life to my students, giving them hope to strive and excel to achieve their highest potential, and to be successful beyond any limitations. It is not about me, it’s about each student that stands before me!

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