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Hear from Carla Johnson about the collaboration, courage, creativity and excellence valued at Manchester Public Schools.

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Meet Carla Johnson

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I student taught in Manchester over 20 years ago, and I've watched it become such an innovative and diverse school district. I wanted to be a part of the positive changes it was making. I believe it’s important for the students to have an African American woman as a role model. I was also drawn to the district's core values: collaboration, courage, creativity, and excellence.
I have been in the district 4 years now, and the freedom to share and collaborate with my colleagues and explore creative and innovative ways to teach has been rewarding. It’s comforting working with like-minded people and feeling a sense of community. Anyone working for the Manchester public school system will benefit from being part of this rapidly changing community. I strive to be a contributor to the success of this school district.

Carla Johnson


  • 3rd Grade Math and Writing Teacher



  • 2010 Yaboo Honory-Artists Collective

Teacher Certification Program

Why I Teach

I love to teach!  I love the kids! I love when they learn! I love when I learn from them!  

When I leave work and say to myself, "Wow! They got it!" it becomes the most fulfilling part of my day. After 21 years in education, I still find myself reflecting every day, critically analyzing what went well and what didn’t. Still I find there is never a dull moment in a day in Mrs. Johnson’s class. I have laughed, cried, been depressed, and at times, elated. I am blessed to have been and continue to be an influence in a child's life every day of the week. 
Growing up in a single parent household, I admired my mother, who was also an educator. She always spoke passionately of the joys of teaching and her excitement for planning engaging lessons, inspired me.

Every year, I have to compete with the influences society has on our youth. Nothing motivates me more than to keep up with the new and innovative ways each generation will learn. The one thing that never changes is teaching them to become the best person they can be. Character, morals, responsibility, and hard work are some of the major lessons I teach.

Teachers have the power to influence generations of successful human beings, and I love being that person!

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