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Meriden Public Schools

Hear from Krista Vermeal about bringing passion into work every day at Meriden Public Schools.

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Meet Krista Vermeal

Teacher Ambassador

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I strongly believe that teachers need each other to make our jobs as rewarding as they can be. Teachers depend on and learn from one another. In Meriden, I am lucky enough to work with some of the best educators I know—teachers who bring their heart into their work every day.


  • 4th Grade Elementary Teacher



  • Certified Responsive Classroom Teacher
  • 2016 Teacher of the Year, Benjamin Franklin Elementary School
  • Vice President for Elementary Teachers, Meriden Federation of Teachers
  • TEAM Mentor

Teacher Certification Program

Why I Teach

My students come to school every day ready to learn and eager to be engaged. They put forth their best effort every day and are active participants in their own learning. I love sharing our classroom space with them and seeing them develop as learners and citizens of our classroom, our school, and our city.

Meriden by the numbers

  • 650

    Dedicated Teachers

  • 8,500

    Engaged Learners

  • 48,000

    New Teacher Starting Salary

About Meriden Public Schools

  • For Teachers

    Meriden Public Schools believes that an investment in our teachers is an investment in our students. How do we create schools where students and teachers are valued and continuous learning is supported? Establishing relationships, keeping students at the center and building teacher capacity are at the core of our work. If a candidate is passionate about children and learning and wants to continue to grow professionally, that candidate will thrive in Meriden’s culture of collaboration, innovation and respect. 

    We recognize that when our teachers learn, our students learn. Using human and fiscal resources to develop job embedded, high quality professional learning experiences ensures continuous growth and job satisfaction. New teachers are recognized at Convocation, honored at a dinner and supported by our New Teacher Induction Program which provides a year-long professional learning experience and safe environment for teachers to share freely. All teachers participate in Data Team/ PLC Thursdays, a weekly early release day where teacher leaders facilitate data teams and PLC meetings. Multiple in-services, often led by teacher leaders, occur regularly during release time. Other options include: visiting classrooms and learning from colleagues; facilitating an “I’m Charged” classroom as a model site for technology integration; and participating in the Fund for Teachers program that allows teachers to travel the world receiving personalized learning aimed at improving educational experiences for students.   
    For educational initiatives to flourish, we need teacher leaders who embrace change and recognize the diverse interests of students. Meriden’s Leadership Academy builds capacity by engaging teacher leaders and aspiring administrators in a specialized program to develop a dynamic team prepared to meet the goals, challenges and needs of our school community. Meriden is an innovative, nationally recognized district with student achievement at all time highs.

  • Salary, Compensation & Benefits

    Meriden Public Schools offers a competitive salary and benefits package. The district offers wellness programing to encourage a healthier workforce and reduce the cost of benefits for our employees. Our district is proud to provide multiple opportunities for the support and professional growth of our teaching staff. Our talent development initiatives and partnerships with local Universities provides a pathway for teaching staff to advance professionally and prepare for leadership roles. Additionally, Meriden Public Schools has outstanding management/labor relations. The district was recently honored by the American Association of School Personnel Administrators (AASPA) with the C.S. Robinson Award for innovations in talent management and development.   

  • For Students

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    Meriden Public Schools provides multiple pathways for students to explore the teaching profession within the district. High School students are able to participate in the Future Teachers Club to gain experience and exposure to the field of Education. Additionally, high school course offerings include topics such as: Introduction to Special Education and Education for Social Change. Students are able to partake in a Personalized Learning Experience (PLE) for credit in Meriden. We have students who participate in PLE's in Education during the school year and also through our summer school programs. The PLE allows our students to work closely with a teacher to see first hand what the teaching profession entails and gives them experience assisting in classroom activities.  Students also do research and read articles on education, write reflections on their experiences and receive feedback from their PLE instructor. The district annually participates in the Future Educators Symposium held at Southern Connecticut University. The symposium is an opportunity for students to hear about various education careers and learn about the advantages of becoming an educator. In Meriden, we encourage our graduates pursuing education to return to the district to complete student teaching experiences and also to participate in our Teacher Support and Teacher Development Programs.

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