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Middletown Public Schools

Hear from Dwight Sharpe about the leadership opportunities and focus on equity at Middletown Public Schools.

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Meet Dwight Sharpe

Teacher Ambassador

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The best thing about teaching in Middletown is I’ve been able to be myself and that has allowed me to be the best teacher possible. Middletown is a district that values the unique qualities and perspectives of it’s teachers, which in turn allows us to do the same for our students. I’ve had the pleasure of working with great insightful teachers and administrators. I’ve been given opportunities to foster and improve my leadership skills, culminating in my current role as District Equity and Restorative Practice Facilitator. Middletown wants to lead the way in educational innovation and equity.


  • K-12 District Equity and Restorative Practice Facilitator



  • 2018 Rogers Educational Innovation Fund Award

Teacher Certification Program

Why I Teach

I teach because I understand how powerful education is for a person’s success. The knowledge that I’ve acquired from the many types of teachers throughout my life has inspired me to continue learning beyond formal education. As a teacher, I’ve thrived to instill this same passion for learning in my students. I’ve always wanted my students to recognize that everyone can reach their own self-defined form of success, and anyone can learn from anyone. 

I also became an educator because it was very obvious that the teaching field was missing people of color. In my K-12 school years, I only had one black teacher. As a black male educator, I knew that I would be able to provide a much needed form of representation for the students in my classes, especially my students of color. There is no better feeling to me than the feeling of knowing that I’ve helped someone, and teaching provides me the opportunity to help so many people year after year.

Middletown Public Schools by the numbers

  • 474

    Dedicated Teachers

  • 4,578

    Engaged Learners

  • $47,000

    New Teacher Starting Salary

About Middletown Public Schools

  • About

    Middletown Public Schools has adopted the Middletown 2021: Keys to Innovation and Equity strategic plan. This plan provides our educational community, stakeholders and constituents a vision that will unlock the potential in our students. It is “the story” that ensures our collective journey focuses on preparing students for a 21st Century that features new dimensions in a competitive global market.

    The Middletown Public Schools journey to achieving its goals requires a learning organization that adopts a collective set of “practice beliefs” focused on continuous growth and improvement. The “practice beliefs” embedded in the strategic operating plan include:

    • Ensuring all three and four-year old students are ready for kindergarten.
    • Closing the preparation (Pre K) and achievement (K-12) gaps that are persistent in our learning community.
    •  Personalizing learning experiences for ALL students, despite academic dexterity or level.
    • Leadership and teacher development using an executive coaching model.
    • Internal and external learning experiences for leaders, teachers, and students through the power of networking.
    • Steadfast focus on equity and social/emotional learning.
    • Creating relevant family/community partnerships.
    • Innovation to meet economic and societal trends. 

    Each “belief point” is underscored with the broader notion that we, as a learning organization, will focus on equity, innovation, and continuous improvement. Our work within the strategic operating plan is clear—high expectations for all students and staff of Middletown Public Schools.

  • Teaching in Middletown

    Equity, Innovation, and Improvement.

    Our vision is to improve all schools and the district as a whole, as well as to provide all students with an innovative and equitable education. To move Middletown forward, we must acknowledge actual practice (where we are now) and effective practice (where we want to go). As a learning organization, we have an internal/external achievement gap that exceeds state and national norms, and engagement rates below the 30th percentile. 

    The City of Middletown is home to 11 public school buildings, 1 state vocational high school, and 2 private high schools

    MPS educates 4,554 students from preschool to high school

    Preschool – 5th grade: 2,252;  Middle school: 942; High School: 1,336

    Middletown Transition Center: 18; 

    1 of 33 towns that is an Alliance Districts

    Number of Employees

    35 administrators; 465 certified staff; 204 paraprofessionals & behavior technicians; 400+ support staff

    Middletown Public Schools is ready to take significant steps to change how we are structured and how we deliver education to our students:

    GOAL 1 TEACHING & LEARNING. Improve students’ ongoing readiness and learning opportunities by creating accessible, innovative and personalized environments to close the preparation, opportunity, and performance gaps, to achieve equity in our schools. 

    GOAL 2 OPERATIONS, SYSTEMS & STRUCTURES. Develop a broad community of stakeholders who ensure a high level of efficiency and alignment among departments, and systems to improve the delivery of instruction and services for students. 

    GOAL 3 CHOICE & INNOVATION MODELS. Establish successful education models that promote choice and achievement through innovation. 

    GOAL 4 COLLABORATIVE LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS. Create nurturing, healthy, and safe learning environments that are inclusive and engaging for all students, families, and staff.

  • Salary, Compensation & Benefits

    Certified staff of MPS are members of the Middletown Federation of Teachers. Starting salary is $47,166 with adjustments based on experience and educational background/degrees offering a competitive health coverage package.

    For information about our salary and benefits, visit the Middletown Public Schools website.

  • For Students

    Along with other innovative programs MPS is an active supporter and active participant in programs such as CT RELAY and other efforts to grow teachers in our community

  • Job Opportunities

    Learn more about job opportunities here

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