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Hear from Lauren Sepulveda about empowering young minds at New Haven Public Schools.

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Meet Lauren Sepulveda

Teacher Ambassador

Lauren Sepulveda


  • 7-8th Grade Social Studies Teacher


  • Southern Connecticut State University


  • 2018 T.A.P.S Award, New Haven Public Schools
  • 2019 Teacher of The Year, New Haven Public Schools

Teacher Certification Program

Why I Teach

I knew I wanted to become a first generation college graduate, not only because it would make my parents proud, but because I knew it would open so many more doors for me to help others. I have always loved being involved in my community and working towards positive change. With a college degree, I could become a teacher who could empower other young minds to be civically responsible, global citizens. I could set high expectations for every child to learn. 

There is no brighter future than one filled with educated young minds; this is how we break cycles. A teacher has the power to either turn a child on to education or turn them off for the rest of their lives. I was lucky enough to have teachers who reached out and lifted me up when I couldn’t. I feel a true responsibility to do the same for as many young people as possible.

Today, I hold two degrees. I earned a 4.0 on my Master’s degree. Although this was a huge milestone in my life, nothing has given me more satisfaction than the feeling of taking a child who reads or writes below grade level and helping them to surpass their goals. To date, the growth in my students is my greatest educational accomplishment. Making sure each child feels loved and cared for is my greatest mission and is an essential part of creating a strong learning environment. I am exactly where I need to be, doing the work I need to do. I am grateful for my position in such a progressive and diverse school district. I could not be prouder or more passionate to be a New Haven Public Schools Teacher!

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