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North Branford Public Schools

Hear from Lauren Danner about the scientific community of lifelong learners at North Branford Public Schools.

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Meet Lauren Danner

Teacher Ambassador

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I grew up in North Branford and am a proud graduate of North Branford High School where I now teach. Working here has always felt like home—my colleagues and students are my extended family. There is a great sense of community pride throughout our district and we encourage and support each other constantly.


  • 9th Grade General Science Teacher


  • University of New Haven


  • 2017 Connecticut Teacher of the Year
  • 2017 CSTA Excellence in Secondary Science Teaching Award
  • 2016 North Branford District Teacher of the Year
  • 2012 Most Inspirational Teacher-Teen.com
  • Science Department Chair
  • North Branford High School Data Team and Faculty Council Member

Teacher Certification Program

  • University of New Haven

Why I Teach

As a former scientist, I now get to share my passion for science through teaching. My students become members of the Danner Family, a scientific community of lifelong learners. I make it very clear to them that we all know a great deal about science because we observe scientific phenomena constantly, and it is my job as their teacher to get them to ask questions and delve into the why behind these phenomena. 

My students can plainly see that I love my job, I love what I teach and I am there to make sure they have the tools to succeed. When I watch my students engaged in a lesson, whether it be constructing a model or designing and conducting an experiment, I have often declared, “I can’t believe I’m getting paid for this!” The greatest rewards in teaching come from the day-to-day conversations and meaningful connections with my students; a surprise letter or thank you note; the laughs and smiles; or the stories of former students being inspired to pursue a career in science because of something we learned in class together. To me, nothing is more rewarding.

North Branford by the numbers

  • 162

    Dedicated Teachers

  • 1,758

    Engaged Learners

  • 46,000

    New Teacher Starting Salary

About North Branford Public Schools

  • About

    North Branford Public Schools are proud to enhance our early childhood learning program with the addition of a grant-funded Pre Kindergarten classroom at Jerome Harrison Elementary School. This program, combined with our successful full-day kindergarten and transitional first grade classroom, will undoubtedly provide our students with a solid foundation. 

    The district is also creating MakerSpaces, spaces where students can gather to create, invent and learn, in support of our technology-rich culture at Totoket Valley Elementary School and throughout the district. 

    At North Branford Intermediate School, adjustments to Academic Support Time offerings are being made to ensure all students’ needs are being addressed with the appropriate support and challenge. 

    North Branford High School staff participated in several summer professional development sessions to expand and support our expansive course offerings at the school, including the College Board Advanced Placement Physics Course and Project Lead the Way’s Civil Engineering and Architecture. 

    Administration has begun the process of implementing the sharing of NBIS and NBHS resources in an effort to increase academic rigor, continuity and consistency at the secondary level. This will also allow the district to capitalize on available resources and district expertise. 

    The Wellness Council, under the direction of Carter Welch, has received state grant funding to create a North Branford Local Prevention Council. This group will be working to plan a variety of presentations during the 2017/2018 school year, including age-appropriate healthy decision-making, school-based peer support groups, responsible use of social media, and continued awareness, discussion and education regarding drug and opiate abuse prevention. These efforts will keep the North Branford community in the forefront on these issues to educate, empower and sustain safe, healthy and productive lives for our students and families. 

  • For Teachers

    Great teachers do not simply cover the curriculum; great teachers help their students uncover the curriculum. As such, the Office of Curriculum and Instruction at North Branford Public Schools provides leadership and guidance to support a strong teaching and professional staff who work diligently to provide North Branford’s students with a comprehensive, rigorous and relevant standards-aligned K-12 curriculum. Using the standards as our guide, we employ research-based practices to implement our challenging, integrated core curriculum that meets the differentiated needs of our students and is evaluated by a comprehensive assessment program. Ongoing professional development enables our teachers to refine their practice, creating classroom experiences and learning environments that foster deeper thinking, problem-solving skills, active participation and life-long learning.

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