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Every Student Deserves a Great STEM Teacher

Calling all future math, science and tech teachers! If you have a bachelor's, we can help you make your next move. Get FREE Study.com test prep, 1-on-1 advising and a step-by-step career guide!

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Kids can’t be what they can’t see. Every student deserves access to inspiring science, math, and technology classes. Passionate, expert STEM teachers put a STEM career in reach for all! Hear from three Connecticut science and math educators, then get ready to start your own journey. 

Your path to teaching STEM—simplified.

Join a cohort of future teachers with access to our free step-by-step workbook, 1-on-1 advising and test prep. Here’s everything you get!
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    Get the step-by-step guide

    A STEM teacher with middle school students; a young girl with safety goggles looks excited as she watches a chemical reaction.

    No more Googling! Our workbook walks you through the steps to becoming a Connecticut STEM teacher. We've got the details from local teaching programs and the state Department of Education—all in one place.

    Plus, it’s full of links to free tools and support! Grab your copy to map out your next steps. 

    Get the Workbook
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    Get expert advice, tailored to your life

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    Once you've gotten the workbook, it's time to choose the right teaching program for you. You don't have to go it alone! TEACH Connecticut coaches can answer all your questions and point you to the right program, whether you have a degree and 20 years of work experience, or you’re just starting your career.

    To get started, click the "Schedule a Chat" button and fill out the advising appointment request form!

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    Find a program

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    Ready to find the right teaching program for you? If you already have a degree, we can help you find a program to start teaching a science, math or tech subject.

    Click the "Find a Program" button to check out our list of partner programs on this page!

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    Get reimbursed for application costs

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    After you've found your teaching program, it's time to apply! If you need to take a test or pay fees for the application process, TEACH Connecticut will reimburse you for up to $100 of the costs! It's easy. Simply fill out the form, let us know which of our partner programs you applied to, and submit proof of the money you spent.

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    Need to take a test? Get FREE prep.

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    You’ll probably need to take a test to show you’re ready to teach your subject. Let us help you get ready with FREE high-quality and effective test prep from Study.com.

    It takes less than five minutes to fill out Study.com's short form to receive your access code.

Get advice tailored to you

Have questions about the right pathway for you? Get your questions answered by an expert. You can chat by email, phone, or video conference. Fill out the appointment request form to get started!

Find a STEM teaching program

Already have a bachelor's degree? These teaching programs will get you in the classroom as a STEM teacher.

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