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Quinnipiac University
Quinnipiac University

Great educators have the ability—and the privilege—to change lives. Quinnipiac University's mission is to prepare candidates for 21st century careers in education by facilitating their personal and intellectual transformation. It is more than just a career. As a student at QU, you will get a chance to cultivate a deep sense of agency to affect change within yourself and others towards the goal of a just and equitable society.

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I landed an offer before I even graduated. That’s rare. It shows how well the program prepared me for the interview process. I still send my old professors questions and ideas about curriculum and pedagogy. They always make the time for me.

Michael Syrotiak

Quinnipiac University
Quinnipiac University
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Bachelor's & cert.
  • BA or BS/MAT in Elementary Education (4+1)
  • BA or BS/MAT in Secondary Education (4+1)
Master’s & cert.
  • Graduate MAT Degree in Elementary Education
  • Graduate MAT Degree in Secondary Education
Bachelor’s & certification
BA or BS/MAT in Elementary Education (4+1)
  • 60 months
    Program Duration
  • In-person
    Program Format
  • Pre-Test Required
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Quinnipiac University’s Dual-Degree Master of Arts in Teaching in Elementary Education (4+1) not only provides you with the knowledge and skills you will need as a teacher—it also gives you the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with inspiring teachers in the field and take classes with experienced professors. QU’s dual-degree pathway lets you complete your bachelor‘s degree, along with a master‘s degree in teaching and your elementary teaching certificate (grades 1-6) within five years. This allows your teaching career to continue uninterrupted, as keeping your license to teach requires the completion of a master‘s degree during the first six to eight years of teaching.

  • 60 months
    Program Duration
  • In-person
    Program Format
  • Pre-Test Required
Upcoming Deadlines
  • Deadlines
    Program Start
  • Nov. 01, 2023

  • Nov. 15, 2023

  • Feb. 01, 2024


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  • $51,790

    In State Tuition

  • $51,270

    Out of State Tuition

  • $45

    Application Fee

Ways to Lower Your Costs

Students at Quinnipiac University have reduced the cost of their program using these methods. Check with Quinnipiac University to see if you can, too!
Grants, Stipends, Scholarships

Approximately 85 percent of Quinnipiac University's student body receives financial aid through scholarships, grants, on-campus jobs and/or student loans.

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Elementary, Grades 1-6
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