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Farmington Public Schools

Hear from Tara Vazquez about the culture of innovation and respect at Farmington Public Schools.

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Meet Tara Vazquez

Teacher Ambassador

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Farmington is a wonderful place to work. It’s an honor to be part of such an innovative team of professionals  that is so deeply committed to opportunities, equity, and success for our students. There is a collaborative culture of respect and understanding between and among educators, parents, and community members. I  feel privileged to be part of this passionate and caring community.


  • Elementary Curriculum Specialist



  • Farmington Teacher of the Year (2009)
  • Connecticut State Finalist Teacher of the Year (2009)
  • National Board Certification

Teacher Certification Program

Why I Teach

I find countless rewards in teaching. Some take place immediately, such as when students suddenly “get it” and make meaningful connections that take them to the next level. Some rewards happen slowly over time, such as watching the gradual process of a striving student learning to read over the course of a year.
And some rewards sneak up on me when I’m not expecting them, such as when I receive letters or visits from former students who have established careers and thank me for the inspiration that began their journey. It is how I  impact the lives of students, both moment by moment and in the long term, that inspires and energizes me to work as an educator.

Farmington by the numbers

  • 402

    Dedicated Teachers

  • 4,112

    Engaged Learners

About Farmington Public Schools

  • About

    The mission of the Farmington Public Schools is to enable all students to achieve academic and personal excellence, exhibit persistent effort, and live as resourceful, inquiring and contributing global citizens. 

    We celebrate and honor strong and caring relationships among faculty, students, families and the entire community. 

    Our commitment to student-centered teaching and learning is evident in classrooms every day. Equity and excellence are the hallmarks of our district's continuous improvement efforts.

  • For Teachers

    Farmington teachers are innovative, resourceful, talented and fully committed to their students. 

    As a district, we seek new faculty who want to be learners in a collaborative culture that values multiple perspectives. Our Core Beliefs (see website) represent our shared commitments to each other and our students. 

    FPS invests in its teachers through job-embedded and personalized professional learning, including many opportunities for leadership development. All teachers have dedicated time for teaming with their grade- or course-level colleagues in an effort to promote collaborative inquiry and data-driven instructional planning.

  • Salary, Compensation & Benefits

    Farmington offers a very competitive salary and benefits package designed to attract highly qualified candidates. Tuition reimbursement is just one of the ways in which teachers are encouraged to continue to pursue career development options.

  • For Students

    Farmington's Vision of the Graduate, established in 2010, articulates the following transferable thinking and learning goals for all students: 

    • Critical Thinking and Reasoning
    • Problem Solving and Innovation
    • Communication and Collaboration
    • Self-Direction and Resourcefulness

    High school students are encouraged to pursue a Capstone Project that showcases the attainment of these skills, one of which is an Education Internship. Students are paired with a Farmington teacher for practicum experience and also attend a class to further their knowledge in the field of child development and learning theory.

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