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Announcing TEACH Connecticut

Resources and support for future teachers

Author: TEACH Connecticut Team

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TEACH Connecticut has launched! After many months of research, planning, production and collaboration, your ultimate resource for becoming a teacher in Connecticut is ready to go. 

Ready to dive in? Get started with TEACH Connecticut now.

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In this article, get to know our products and services, and the partnerships that make them possible.

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What you get

You have unique skills and experiences that will help you succeed as a teacher. TEACH Connecticut offers the support and resources you need to navigate your pathway to a career in teaching, no matter where you are on your journey.

If and when you've got questions, we're here to support you. According to Claudine Primack, TEACH Connecticut Director at the Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE):

“We are pleased to announce that TEACH Connecticut is a one-stop-shop for anyone interested in becoming a Connecticut teacher. Whether you are just starting to explore teaching as a career, or you’ve already decided to teach and want to better understand the path to take, we are here to support you. After 25 years working as a teacher here, I know that Connecticut is a wonderful place to live and teach, and we can’t wait for you to join us.”

Just starting out? Build a roadmap to determine your fit based on your interests, passions and skills. In just a few minutes, you’ll have an actionable plan for taking the next steps toward a career in teaching.

Curious to learn more about teaching in Connecticut? Visit Explore Connecticut for a deeper dive into the advantages of becoming a teacher in Connecticut, including information on Salary & Benefits and more about local Schools & Communities.

Ready to apply to a teacher preparation program? Check out Find Programs to learn about various pathways and compare educational preparation programs in Connecticut.

Explore your fit and build your skills so you feel confident on your first day. Determine if teaching is right for you—and plan your unique path forward. Then, your classroom awaits.

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Tools to help you assess your fit and become a teacher.

About the initative

Students need a quality education to succeed in their lives—that’s a given. What you might not know is that teacher quality matters in guaranteeing a quality education. So, it’s simple:

Since educators play a crucial role in the life of every child who enters their schools, Connecticut is committed to building the strongest-possible educator workforce to ensure that all students have access to great teachers.

All students deserve skilled, ingenious teachers to improve the world around us. That’s why we brought the experts in Connecticut education together to form TEACH Connecticut,’s first statewide partnership. Our partners include the Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE), Connecticut school districts, teacher preparation programs and educators.


Because we can’t do it alone. At, we’ve built some of the best apps and resources to help people determine whether teaching is a professional fit, to research and compare programs, and even to get a glimpse into what leading a classroom is like. Dominique Remy, Head of Product at explains:

“TEACH Connecticut works with you to figure out what you need to be successful in becoming a teacher. We coordinate with multiple partners to offer the right experiences—application checklists, school district profiles, content about certification and financial aid, and more—to make the journey to teaching clearer and more manageable.”

The CSDE brings a deep knowledge of Connecticut’s education landscape and strong relationships with key partners and education experts. brings extensive professional expertise and experience working across the country to assist cities and regions with teacher recruitment initiatives and marketing campaigns. Together, our services go even further—to include support, tools, resources, and career exploration opportunities customized for Connecticut’s future teaching candidates.

According to CSDE’s Chief Talent Officer, Sarah Barzee: “At the CSDE Talent Office, we know that educators play a crucial role in the life of every child who enters their schools. Connecticut has extraordinary teachers who have the power to motivate and engage all students in ways that change lives.”

“Ensuring that all Connecticut students receive a first-rate education that prepares them for college, career and civic life is our shared responsibility.”

“The CSDE Talent Office is committed to attracting, preparing, inducting, retaining and supporting the next generation of talented Connecticut teachers. Through TEACH Connecticut we will elevate the image of the teaching profession, expand and diversify the educator pipeline, and fill persistent certification shortage areas so that all students are prepared to live and thrive in an increasingly complex world.”

When you join TEACH Connecticut, you’re joining a community of passionate professionals dedicated to building and supporting Connecticut’s educator workforce, one excellent teacher at a time.

Take the first step

Are you ready to become a teacher? Or, maybe you’re just curious and want to learn more. Either way, it’s time to sign up. You’ll get access to everything we mentioned above, and we’ll stay in touch, too—by email, text or phone—to make sure you’re making moves on your journey to a teaching career.

What are you waiting for? Create your account, and don’t forget to follow TEACH Connecticut on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!